Kapiti Coast Archery Club

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To download the Scores for this year click on the Image below.

LATEST SCORES: 22nd March 2020.

During the year each member’s score contributes to two competitions, and a badge system which recognises their shooting ability and progress.

The badge system consists of four coloured badges which the member wins after shooting a score of over 400 in the following order and amount:

The difficulty of shooting increases with increasing distance from the target and the more challenging terrain which often results.

Only three courses qualify for obtaining badges, they are the ANZUS, 3D and Photo which all have unmarked distances, and similar scoring zones.

For example:

To obtain the White 400 Badge, the archer needs to have shot 1 x 400 off the yellow peg, 3 x 400 off the blue peg, and 3 x 400 off the white peg.  The archer will then be shooting from the red peg, and will achieve their Red 400 badge when they have shot 3 x 400 from the red peg. There is no time limit.

Available Badges:

Barebow Recurve and Compound:  Yellow, Blue, White, Red400, Red450, Red475, Red500, Red520, Red540 and Red560

Sighted Recurve and Compound:    Yellow, Blue, White, Red400, Red500, Red520, Red540 and Red560

For further information on the age groups and the style of bow they may shoot, please refer to page 10 of the IFAA Archers Handbook






Boys and Girls - 10 to 11 years (PreCubs must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times)

Boys and Girls - 10 to 13 years (Cubs must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times)

Boys and Girls - 13 to 16 years

Men and Women - 17 upwards.  Those archers who are 55 years of age on or before the first day of a Tournament will be given the choice to participate in the Veteran or Adult division (not both).


The Hearts competition is simply the number of ‘20’s shot during the qualifying courses (ANZUS, 3D and Photo) added together to give a total score at the end of the shooting calendar.

The League:

The League round consists of the top three scores obtained during the year from each of the qualifying courses; ANZUS, 3D, Photo, IFAA Animal and either IFAA Field and/or IFAA Hunter, added together at the end of the shooting calendar.

Both Hearts and League competitions are split amongst shooting divisions and classes.